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The lovely and horny miss Katie Kox is here for you once again and she has some more naughty sessions to put on display for you all. The busty and hot blonde was in dire need of some man meat for this one and lucky for her, this black stud was around to fulfill her every sexual need for the afternoon. We are sure that you will enjoy the sight of this cutie getting into some pretty intense sexy times and you will love every second of her amazing action scene. So let’s not delay any longer and check out Katie having some interracial sex this afternoon with the well endowed stud shall we ladies and gents? we bet you want to check it out too!

Dirty Hard

They get to play in her living room and you can tell that the babe was all set to get to have her way with the dude. She was superbly horny and the only cure for her was a nice and big black cock. On top of that you can also see her play around with another Katie, namely Katie Banks in other scenes as well as it doesn’t matter really to her who she bangs as long as she gets to have some pleasure out of it. So anyway, watch her spreading her legs for the guy here today and see her moan in pleasure as she has her wet and sweet pussy eaten out by the guy. We’re going to be back once again next week and you can bet that we’ll have even more incredible shows for you to check out!

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When her husbands is not at home, Katie Kox gets really bored so she plays the naughty call girl. She has lots of clients, and today one of her favorite guys called her up. She quickly dressed up and ran to meet him at his hotel room. She decided to be a call girl because this is the best way of fucking big hard cocks, and you know how much she loves huge black dick.

After she got there she took off her cloths revealing her huge boobs. The guy loves playing with Katie’s big round tits and he buried his face between them, sucking her hard nipples, while she was stroking his huge cock. She sat in his lap spreading her legs and lowering herself on his big black cock, taking him deep inside her cunt and riding him hard. She was in heaven, this guy can fill her up like no one else, and soon her pussy juices started flowing as she started cumming over and over again. Soon after this, he was ready to fill up her mouth with his man juice. Have fun watching KatieKox fucking this huge black cock!


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Today Katie is more horny than ever. And the best thing about her is that she is willing to share with you guys her latest experience. Since she was super horny today, she will ask not just one, but two of her fuck buddies to come over and treat her with their immense black tools. Enjoy watching her in action, having a blast with those immense black tools that are about to drill her hard and deep. She will be simply obedient today, waiting for those hard tools to hammer her holes big time.

Enjoy watching how she is going to be hammered and get ready for some really messy action! You will get to see this babe laying down in the bed, with her legs spread widely, offering her entire pussy to be penetrated hard and deep. She will open up her legs so one of those immense tools will get right inside her muffin, while the other tool will shove her mouth entirely. You will also get to see how this babe is going to end up with a huge creamy cum load all over her cute face! Enjoy each moment and also have a look at an extra interracial hammering session, on http://johnpersons.org/ newest video update! Enjoy!

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A fresh new video is going to be flashed under your eyes and you are going to love watching it. Have a look at the newest video and see how is Katie about to have some fun with these two horny black guys. She invited them to have a seat on the couch, relax and do nothing else but wait to have their enormous black tools jerked off by her eager hands. She loves milking their boner, cause she could fill her hands with them, since they are so huge. See how these two are going to have their most cherished jewels taken care of by this horny slut that is always in when it comes to fucking.

See how they will let her raise their volumes and then see also what they are planning to do next with her, now that they got all excited. Have a look at them and see how they will slide their enormous cocks right into her wet holes, pumping them hard and heavy. Enjoy all the action and see how she is about to end up having their huge loads on her face and into her mouth. Plus, you could have a look at the newest www.blackbachelor.org video, to see more spectacular videos! Enjoy!

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